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How to Turn Your Grass Green Today

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How to Turn your Grass Green

This post is all about what you need to do so you know how to turn your grass green. The goal of this post is to provide information so you understand what is causing your grass to turn yellow and/or brown. To start, you should know there are several problems you may be dealing with that are keeping your grass from being green. If you can identify your problem, then you can create a plan to begin attacking it today!

Where to start

Do you have yellow or brown grass? Are you watering your lawn a few times each week? One of the biggest things you must do to maintain green grass, is regularly look at your grass. This will help you begin to diagnose issues and concerns. For example, emerging weeds; you can see patches of clovers forming, patches of yellow or brown grass indicating dormancy, animal urine, lawn disease etc.

Viewing your lawn

Ultimately, you need to have multiple views of your grass. For example, a nice aerial view to look down into your grass, a landscape view, and a view of your grass as you approach your property. These views all provide different things based on their angles. You can see weeds from your landscape view. You can see whether your grass is yellowing, browning, or filling in (turning green) from your aerial view. See some various aerial and landscape views below:


Landscape view turning grass green
This is a landscape view that allows for observing the transition of yellow to green grass.

landscape view of turning your grass green
How to turn your grass green by regularly observing it.

aerial view of grass turning from yellow to green.

Drought and lack of water

Unfortunately, you can’t stop a drought or a period where natural rainfall is limited. However, there are fertilizers and seeds available that are pretty much drought resistant. They have properties that support water absorption for reduced watering conditions. This will certainly help you figure out how to turn your grass green. Also, a lack of rainfall may not impact you as much as it impacts others. For example, if you have well water, you may not be concerned about a lack of rainfall because it doesn’t cost you to run your well.

Prepare for lack of rainfall

On the other side, there are things you can do to prepare for periods where rainfall lacks. Some people have water collection/storage devices, ranging from commercially produced to DIY units. One quick fix, is to cut your grass high as droughts and/or summer time weather approaches. As a rule of thumb, look at how low the surrounding lawns in your neighborhood are being cut. Also, don’t over think what you need to maintain your green grass. You ever see the houses with the fertilizer companies, i.e., True Green, but the house has yellow grass in patches. SMH, hmm it must not be just the fertilizer.

One sure fire way to ensure your grass is getting what it needs is taking a core sample to your local nursery. This will allow them to diagnostically test your soil for various nutrients and components and then they can recommend necessary fertilizers. The pros and cons are this is free, but it does require a little digging and a trip to the nursery. Fortunately, you can purchase soil test kits from the local hard ware stores and test your soil yourself and do a quick Google search on the results and recommendations.

Turn dormant grass green

One thing you need to know is grass has a natural protection mechanism for droughts. Grass can and will go dormant when experiencing lack of water and high heat conditions. What happens is your grass turns yellow and appears to be dead. To reverse this, begin watering your grass. The downside is as the reversal from dormancy begins, your grass begins to green at the roots first.

Depending on how deep your roots are, it will take several weeks before the tips of your blades are green. One way to confirm this is to look from a high vantage point down into your grass. Also, as this process continues, you can walk through your grass and as you get close you will notice patches of yellow grass with green all through it, confirming the reversal of dormancy.

Watering your Grass

To turn your grass green quickly and maintain this green, you need to be strategic with your watering. As said in a previous post, do not water in the evenings. Water your lawn first thing in the morning. Aim for at least an inch of water each week. You can be strategic with this, it may mean watering for 15mins-60mins a few times a week depending on your sprinkler or irrigation.


messy water hoses and sprinklers
Sprinklers help turn your grass green

Some people don’t like the mess or lack of organization from using a hose and sprinkler.

Use a hose reel box to keep it neat
Don’t worry about hoses everywhere!

I myself am not a fan of irrigation systems, I can’t justify investing several thousands of dollars so I don’t have to move a hose and turn on my sprinkler. A good old sprinkler and hose are more than enough to achieve a green look. In addition, see the picture directly above, it shows a Hose Reel box, which really cleans up your set up. The first picture shows a hose all over the lawn, this can be a common nuisance but you have to be willing to wind up your hose. A Hose Reel box makes winding your hose simple and easy (in under 1 minute of time). I often brag and say, I’m the only one without an irrigation system but we have the greenest grass. Tip: watch the weather to determine anticipated rain showers. This will help you preserve your water use. For example, if it’s going to rain tomorrow, don’t water your lawn today.

Irrigation Systems

My other issue with irrigation systems and I know there must be a simple fix for this, but you ever see the houses running there lawn irrigation systems while it’s raining, before it rains, or right after it rains? That drives me crazy and unfortunately, some of these houses still have yellow patches.

Once you turn your grass green, it is up to you to cut it the right way and add stripes & patterns if you like!

See my video below titled Unreal Amazing Waves Lawn Pattern

Lastly, as you think about how to turn your grass green, you should also think about how to maintain that green grass. That means don’t take all the advice and then stop once you have achieved your desired look. Continue with the regimen and keep turning heads as people drive by your house!

We hope this post has been helpful and good luck greening!


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