Cutting your lawn

How to Cut your Lawn the right way

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How to cut your lawn the right way

If you are a homeowner, knowing how to cut your lawn the right way should be of the upmost importance, even if you plan to hire a professional lawn company. Think about it, lawn companies can be costly, choosing the right company is a task, and you might like to just do things yourself. There are a few key things to heed to: cutting at the correct height, having sharpened blades, watering your lawn enough each week, and fertilizing.

Cut your lawn the right way hack #1

If you are unsure about the correct height to cut your lawn the right way, look at your neighbors lawn. For example, some homes share a patch of property/grass i.e., between driveways, the snow shelf, near the sidewalk, cul de sac, etc. Look at the height of your neighbors grass in any of these areas. Also, look at the health, is it a nice deep green which indicates deep grass roots? Another hack for for cutting your own lawn is to simply hire a lawn company for 1-2 cuts. This will show you what your grass should look like when properly cut, assuming you hired a good company. Then from these cuts you can cut at as close to the height they cut to as possible.

Here is a another tip to get the best from hiring a lawn company as a hack. When they come, watch them. Watch how they cut, the direction, is it back and forth, are they going in reverse, tape a tape measure or rule and check the height of the grass. Also, look at the tools they use, are they using a string trimmer for weeds, around trees, the tree line, flag pole, etc. Lastly, whether they bag or not they should be using a leaf blower when they cut your grass to remove any excess off of the sidewalk, driveway, steps, etc. This will give you a nice framework for how you should cut and what tools you need!

Lawn cutting hack #2

Earlier I mentioned sharpened blades. This one is a no brainer. If your blades are sharp, and in most cases this simply means brand new or have only been used for up to 5 cuts (assuming you hit no tree stumps or rocks), then you should get a great cut that gives the appearance that you are striping your lawn. Striping your lawn means putting pressure on blades in opposing directions so it creates a visually appealing cut on your grass.

Most people think you need a kit, but as a DIYer myself, I realize you just need sharp blades. Another approach for sharp blades is to take a metal file and go over each side of your blade up to 10 times. Be safe in doing this as there will be fine metallic shards emitted into the atmosphere. You don’t need to go crazy with sharpening as you’re only cutting grass here.

Cutting your lawn the right way hack #3

Know what kind of grass you have and the proper amount of water each week. Keep tabs on the forecast because you may be getting 2 inches of rain and that may be sufficient for your grass type, climate, and region that you live in. Some people think you have to water daily, you don’t. Some people think you should water at night or worst both morning and night. Unfortunately, most grasses and climates can’t tolerate evening watering or both and result in mold in your lawn.

Lawn Watering Advice

If you’re here to learn how to cut your lawn the right way, then you also need to know how to water your lawn the right way too. My advice is to water in the morning because the overnight humidity can wreak havoc causing uncontrollable mold which can be unsightly and smelly. Also, your fertilizer may be designed to make best use of water contributing to a reduction in your watering needs. Keep this in mind when shopping for fertilizer. Back to the watering, you do not need an expensive irrigation system even those DIY systems to get your grass green. Just go old school and pull out the hose and sprinkler a few times a week and that will be more than enough!

Lawn Cutting Advice

How to cut your lawn the right way is something homeowners struggle with. If you cut it too high, it doesn’t look cut. You cut high, and your neighbor cuts theirs lower, making yours look bad. You cut too low, your grass browns and yellows. Use the tips provided above to ensure you cut your lawn the right way and are providing proper lawn maintenance techniques to your grass, this includes watering and cutting so your lawn can thrive.

This is advice is tried and experienced based. Once I learned how to cut my lawn the right way, it became my mission to teach you how to cut your lawn the right way too! See my video below:

See my video below titled Unreal Amazing Waves Lawn Pattern

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