We are all DIYers

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Welcome current and future Do it Yourselfers DIYers

We are all DIYers at heart; sometimes it takes years and much motivator to make this discovery. For our story, it took years and financial motivation. My wife and I have been married for several years. However, this year we began to really accomplish the impossible. I am just an ordinary guy and she is an ordinary woman. Actually, we are pretty extraordinary in the things we accomplish together. We finally started a joint savings account like a year after we got some monetary wedding gifts. That was a big hurdle!

The biggest hurdle to date has been working as Do it Yourselfers (DIYers).

We had an epiphany last fall 2019. The epiphany came from our thought of moving closer to work and our family. I am an elementary principal, it is a very fun job and I am very proud to be a principal. My wife is a teacher at a daycare. She loves it, it makes her light up with her stories of Clementine and so many other children. The stories about her coworkers…let’s just say that would take another blog by itself.

How to become a DIYer
In 2019, my wife and I became DIYers.

Every Do it Yourselfer has an epiphany

Anyhow, our epiphany led us to connect with our previous realtor (who will remain anonymous). We looked at a few homes, then it was time for the moment of honesty… The market analysis of our current home. Boy she low balled us big time, basically saying we wouldn’t be able to get what we paid for this house with the current condition. I mean it had Anderson windows everywhere. They had that brown polyurethane finish and they were single pane and most of the crank outs didn’t work as they were supposed to.

To make matters worse, we walked through every inch of our house only for her to identify things she wanted us to repair even though they were like that when she sold us the house (OMG). So we called the list of contractors her office provided. A contractor and a chimney (person) came out and after looking around told us absolutely not. Do not pay for the repairs that she is suggesting.

The motivation behind our transition to being DIYers

Long story very short, we fired her. Our new agent agreed that we needed at minimum new windows. We called her recommended contractor and we must have been looking very affluent that day because he suggested so many other repairs and told us be prepared to spend $25,000. In addition, we got a quote from a family owned window installer. That quote windows only was $25,000k and when I realized he was going to leave all the old wood in the window, I thought of that song that goes something like Hell Nah, to the nah, nah, nah, (Bishop Bullwinkle). Here is the shocker, when I said this is a bunch of crap, the install manager said, give me a moment to call the owner. The owner got it down to $17,000, and then $10,000 only if I committed to agreeing in 24 hours, Monday morning.


That week in December 2019, my wife and I became DIYers! We decided we would do our own windows. With that being said we have experienced much success doing our home ourselves and we want to share that knowledge of DIY home renovation projects, including our successes and how to avoid pitfalls. We hope you find everything you need to DIY small bathrooms, DIY Windows, DIY Flashing, DIY Painting, DIY Skim Coating, and more!


Good Luck DIYing,

Dr. & Mrs. L.

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