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Do your own replacement window installation and add huge value to your home

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How to do your own replacement window installation the easy way

Do your own replacement window installation and save money while adding huge resale value to your property! When thinking of how to make replacement window installation easier think measurements. If you have the exact measurement of the window openings it will make it 10x easier to install. 

How to take the best measurement

To take the best measurement, literally take the measurements and bring them with you. Write them down and also take a photo of the measurement that way you are always certain of the exact measurement. What I mean by this is, literally place the tape measurer in the desired location and snap a photo with the measurer in place. Why? Because it doesn’t get anymore exact than this, and you have the photo in your phone for easy access while at the store. Also, check the store’s inventory by window measurement before driving to the store. Doing this allows you to make sure the windows you need are in stock. This will save you lots of time and energy. When you get to store your replacement window will have a range of measurements specified on the side of the box containing your replacement windows.

How to measure your own window for replacement
How to measure your own window for replacement

 *A tip from experience: 

You may have to drive to several different stores to obtain all the sizes you need. Depending on how old your house is, all window openings may not be the same especially considering bathroom windows. Bathroom windows are almost always smaller than other bedroom and living area windows.

How to get desired replacement window sizes
You may have to go to multiple stores to buy the correct sizes of replacement windows

Another way to make your own DIY installation easier

Be careful as you are moving the old windows. Keep the trim in tack, the window stops, mullions, etc. because these are often reused parts in window installs even by professional window installers.

Carefully remove the trim and the nails in the trim. If you leave the nails in the trim, carefully realign the nails with the nail holes as you wrap up the replacement window install. If you can’t salvage the nails, you can use your nail gun or an old school nail and hammer approach. Just get the right nails so they penetrate the wood enough so the head doesn’t stick out and create an unsightly problem with your install.

How to remove window trim
Remove window trim carefully to reuse it!

Also, before removing the trim and window stops, take a picture of everything. This will help you get things back together accurately.

Setting up your replacement window

Keep your replacement windows near the area where you will install it. That way the replacement window doesn’t have far to travel and you can go from the floor to the frame. Have the rest of your materials on site including your window insulation foam and caulk. 

Have replacement windows and materials near window location
Keep replacement windows and materials near desired install location


Take a picture of the old window
Taking a picture before removing old windows will help with installing replacement windows


Use photos to help with replacement windows
Use photos to help with replacement windows

Once the window is in, insulation applied, screws screwed in, edges caulked, you can prepare to get the window stops and trim back in place. At this point take a photo and high five yourself because you can say you know how to do your own replacement window installation!

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