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@Home DIY is committed to providing you with the tools and resources to complete lots of Home DIY projects while adding huge resale value to your home!

How we got started with Home DIY Tips for Renovations

My wife and I got started with Home DIY Tips as we prepared to sell our first home with a goal of saving money in the process! Home DIY was a phrase we only heard on HGTV. But for us it became a reality and our new catchphrase when we decided it was time to move into a new home. Simply because we didn’t realize all the stuff we needed to do in order to move. First, we had to think about all the money we needed to spend to be able to move which included paying contractors, window installers, roofers, painters, etc. Then we got one outrageous quote after another.

The first quote was for the entire project including: replacement windows and flashing, marble counter top, brand new oil tank, paint basement floor, refinish whole house wood floor, all at a grand total of $25k. Next, we got a window quote from a window a local family operated window company. The quote came in at 25k and they would reuse the old wood. Then it went down to 17K, then 10K before I got the guy out of our living room because ultimately with these quotes we were like no way!

Moving forward, we never planned on being Home DIYers. Both my wife and I have been teachers for many years. And for many of those years my DIY experience consisted of me attempting to fix something broken around our home, by breaking it a little bit more. After breaking enough things, I learned that repairs are costly.

Our DIY Plan

If you are going to be a Home DIYer, then follow DIY Tip #1, Always have a plan.

After the escapade with our unreasonable home renovation quotes, I (Dr. Lewis) told my wife “let me try to install a garage window and see how it goes.” However, as we drove to Home Depot we thought it would be a waste to install a garage window. Let’s go all in and install a bedroom window.

We reached an agreement and brought 2 windows on a cold December day just after Christmas. Next, we rented a dumpster. As I begin removing the window trim and preparing to remove the old Anderson windows, I heard my wife my final warning about what would happen next. I said, once it’s out, it’s out. This was also a warning to me that the temperature was 30 degrees and I needed to quickly figure out this install including insulation (spray foam) and caulk. The window was in and the rest was history. We ended up buying and installing a total of 10 windows ourselves. To move us further along Amazon became our #1 shopping place! And we are here to tell you if we can be DIYers, then so can you.



We are Dr. and Mrs. Lewis, a married couple motivated by saving money with home DIY Tips. 


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DIY Home Renovations
Home DIY Suggestions & Tips to save time and money!
How to do DIY Home Projects
Easy Home DIY Projects that you can do!


Not only do we provide our experienced based insight with tips for renovations, you will find suggestions on repairs and fixes for common problems around the home.


DIY Bathroom Remodel

We will talk about Vanities, Vanity Lighting, Exhaust fans, moisture protection, and more.


DIY Remodel Kitchen

Curb appeal comes from the exterior of your home. However, your kitchen is the soul of your home. We will teach you about painting cabinets, fixing, replacing, and polishing handles and hardware, which is basically a DIY remodel kitchen cabinets.


And Many Other Home DIY Projects

Our interior and exterior Home DIY project tips will have you DIYing in no time!