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How to Edge your Lawn like a Pro

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Learn How to Edge your Lawn Like a Pro

Would you like to learn how to edge your lawn like a pro? Well, you are in for a treat with this post with multiple tips and videos for edging better starting today! Edging your lawn like a pro is no secret to making your lawn stand out. Once, I started edging our lawn, neighbors tried edging their lawns too. You have several choices when it comes to tools for edging:

  1. String Trimmer
  2. Edger
  3. Manual tools like Lawn edging shears, stick edger (half moon), and rotary edgers

Your decision on which tool should rely on two factors: convenience/ease of use and time to use. The gas/electric powered edgers/trimmers will have more power so there will only be a need for 1 pass. While the manual tools may require multiple passes to get the desired edge. Also, the costs of gasoline and the convenience or inconvenience of charging a battery pack should be considered. Battery powered keeps you from running to the gas station, often the power doesn’t match the power of gas powered tools. Also, your battery may give you an hours run time. I had to get 2 batteries just to edge and leaf blow in one session.

My Top Lawn Edging Hacks

My #1 hack for edging is simple: I edge on 1 day and cut the grass on the following day. This accomplishes 2 things for me, I can view my lawn to see if I missed a spot while edging and my clean up is much better because after edging, I blow all the excess grass into the lawn in preparation for cutting the lawn. So yes, if you’re going to edge you need to leaf blow to clear the excess. My #2 hack is while leaf blowing, do not blow the debris into the edge you just created because it takes away from the visual look of the definition. Last hack for edging, you have to find the direction to move while edging.

My #3 hack for edging, I use a string trimmer and I flip it over, this is called flip edging and I get the line out about 5-8 inches and go to town in 1 full sweep while walking. For example, either up your driveway or down the driveway, you have to determine the best way to get the defined edge. This includes standing in the driveway or standing on the grass moving up/down the driveway. Each position has its pros and cons but you will need to experiment.

The video below is more or less a quick video showing the results and definition achieved from edging your lawn.

One thing that shocks me, is edging is often not standard or part of your lawn service package but rather it’s an add on. Once I begin edging my lawn, I personally felt that it should be a standard service. However, when I was shopping around for quotes, I was quoted at $180 for the initial edging and $45 per session after that which was ironic because I was quoted at $55 per week for cutting front and back on my .5 acre property. This was more motivational than anything because getting expensive quotes is how I became a DIYer.

A Compliment to Edging Your Lawn

A compliment to edging is striping or giving your lawn the appearance of having defined lines in it. Simply stated, these are lines created with each pass of your mower/tractor. I must mention, one thing that shocks me about services for lawn cutting is that, line striping is not standard either. However, when your company has sharpened, maintained blades, it will naturally appear that you have that your lawn has stripes.

See my video below titled Unreal Amazing Waves Lawn Pattern

Once you have mastered edging, I encourage you to share tips with others for how to edge your lawn. You too can help keep the cycle going of growing DIYers! If you found this post helpful, please comment and share so we can continue helping other DIYers across the world!

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